Our Journey in a Nutshell

Our Journey in a Nutshell

Hello! We have a few new followers so I thought I’d squeeze our journey into a nutshell so you can get to know Danni Rose a little better. 

 We are a small clothing label based in Kapiti, NZ. Our main focus is to create garments ethically & sustainably while building genuine relationships with you guys! 

I am from Whanganui but moved down to the capital to chase my dreams as a fashion designer. I soon learnt that the glamours industry is not so glamorous after all, it truly turned by world upside down.  I was young and totally oblivious to the impact it has not only on the environment but the lives of those who create the garments (I could go on forever but suggest you watch The True Cost and educate yourself too). 

Rather than dropping my degree I decided to create a business plan so I could follow my dreams and make garments  for women of all sizes with as little impact as possible. It didn’t come as easy as what instagram may perceive… 

I worked in retail for a total of 6years during and after uni whilst hustling on the side. From internships to markets I finally put myself out there and made an instagram, who knew that would lead me to where I am today. Working completely for myself, hiring my first team member and even opening a studio/pop up shop!
Couldn’t have done it without you, I am forever grateful ♥️ 


Danni Rose x

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