Setting up for Spring

Setting up for Spring

Happy second day of Spring everybody! Wherever you are, whether you’re locked down in Auckland, or just come out into Level 3, we really hope you are safe and well. 

In the early planning of the monthly blog post, I realised it would be our first post for the new season. Very exciting!  As two big lovers of Spring, Danni and I got right into it, discussing our favourite things about the season. We decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Of course, in this early planning, we were not expecting the country to be locked down. So it's been slightly adapted to fit with the current times. Nevertheless, here are some of things that evolved from this discussion: 

One of Danni’s favourite things about this season is the influx of daffodil flowers. These bright yellow bulbs only bloom in the springtime. In past years, she’s bought a few bunches while shopping for fruit & vege at the markets. They add a burst of colour to your spaces and make the house feel fresh.  

Even though (sadly) there’s no markets right now, there’s other ways to freshen up. It’s called ‘spring cleaning’ for a reason. Take a look inside your wardrobe and have a reset. Go through your clothes and see what you are actually wearing, what items you could be wearing more. Of course, don’t chuck the unwanted items out! Save them for when op shops are open again and donate or have a swap around with friends.

Some of us might have a bit more time on our hands, so it’s a good chance to get creative with your clothes and pair different things together. Some will work, some might not. I did this a few days ago with my items: I have lots of bright colours in my wardrobe (lots of pinks and greens) so I had a go at making monochromatic outfits and found a few I like.  I also gave some attention to the blue cardigan vest I op-shopped last year. Although I love it, I haven't taken the time to pair it with things, so I don’t naturally reach for it. By doing this activity, you’ll find yourself with heaps more outfit options from the clothes you already own. 

Of course the spring cleaning doesn’t have to stop at the wardrobe. The science behind having clean spaces is crazy. The act of cleaning helps to reduce stress (by turning your mind off for a little bit and helping it relax) and makes you feel accomplished. Clean and decluttered environments also make us less distracted and more focused at the task at hand, they also help with getting a better night’s sleep. 
-  Robin Berzin from Parsley Health

Of course, spring brings longer days and warmer weather. Danni and I personally find with more daylight to burn, we're more inspired to be productive, active and outdoorsy. The warmer temps also mean we can bust out the linens (our favourite fabric)  and stop layering them so much! If you’re lacking in linens, maybe have a cheeky peek at our shop section or instagram page ;). With Level 3, Danni is ordering more fabrics right now and the shop is opening up again on September 7! We hope you’re excited. 

With the year’s end drawing near, September is also a great time to reassess. You might already know how much Danni and I love goal-setting. Now is a great time to reflect on the year so far: what you’ve achieved, what you’ve been up to and look ahead to what you want to accomplish by the end of 2021. 

Happy Spring everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this month's blog post. We hope you are staying stay and connected during this time. Look after yourselves. 
Much love, Lauren x

Photo credit: Sarah Bugeja 

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