Making Time for Casual Creativity

Making Time for Casual Creativity

For this month’s blog post, we’ve got something a little different in terms of subject matter. We're going to talk about creativity...

As we’re all aware, we need money to live – and we need to work to make that money. Sometimes, it's hard to fit creativity into this or find the time for it. If you’re someone like Danni, you might’ve found a way to get paid to create. Or have a way to do something you enjoy on the side. But often the best results and fulfillment comes from doing things just because - creating without the external pressures of money or time or perfection involved.

When talking about the topic of this month’s blog with Danni, it reminded her of a friend who made jewellery. This lady loves making all sorts of jewellery for herself to wear. But she doesn't want to make a business out of it. However, she frequently receives comments from others about her hobby, often along the lines of:

You could sell that!

You should start an instagram page for your jewellery 

People would buy that!

It’s so important to create and make things just for the sake of it, for yourself, not for money. Remember the pure enjoyment of being a small child, doing drawings and creating sculptures for no reason other than you wanted to. Even though we’re ‘grown up’ now, it doesn’t mean this is something you should stop doing. In fact, it’s something important to keep doing, to keep the brain flexible. Being deeply engrossed in a creativity activity, like drawing or journaling, has shown to have meditative effects on the body. It also helps destress yourself and get some important down-time.

- Elizabeth Scott, VeryWell Mind.

What does this look like in reality? For me recently, this activity seems to be painting. It’s an activity in which I am very unskilled, but because of that, there’s no pressure for me to do well. The enjoyment comes from putting on the music and spending hours mixing and creating colors and putting them onto the canvas. It’s not about the finished product but the process along the way. Investing time into yourself, so to speak. Another great things about painting, is that you don't have to be good. We have the internet now and there is a million step-by-step videos to follow.

(by the way, the tutorial for the painting in the blog photo is here: . The picture was taken from a painting day I had recently with a friend). 

Incorporating creativity into time spent with friends is also a nice way to socialize. Both Danni and I love spending time painting with pals. By doing it with friends, you have built in-support and accountability. But painting is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many other activities you could try. Danni had a beading day recently, but there’s knitting, crocheting, baking, card-making! Possibilities are endless.

If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, we can also recommend the Paintvine nights too. I bought two tickets to go with my Mum last year for her birthday. It’s an enjoyable way to spend the evening: a little bit of wine and a professional artist to coach you along the way.  It's a experience but you also get a tangible gift afterwards too!

No matter what form your creativity takes – it’ll be different for each person – make sure you break away from every day life and busy-ness every once and while to do something for you. Go write a poem or bake a cake! 

As creative legend, Elizabeth Gilbert would say, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

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