Conscious Shopping: the Why and the How

Conscious Shopping: the Why and the How

Do you want to be more conscious about where you’re spending your dollars?
Maybe you need a little convincing?
Or maybe you’re here because you really love reading our blogs?
Regardless of the reason, we’re sending a warm welcome to our third blog post. Here’s some of our tips for how to get into Conscious Shopping. We hope you find something useful.

1. Watch The True Cost documentary

We talk about this film a lot! It’s one of the main reason’s Danni started her own sustainable fashion label (see our last blog post for more of the story).  

The True Cost reveals the behind-the-scenes of the clothing you see in fast fashion stores. It shows how destructive this industry is, hurting our planet and the livelihood of millions of people. It dives into the details of the Rana Plaza disaster – a large garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh that collapsed into 2013, killing 1,132 workers and injuring a further 2,500.  

 2. Quality over Quantity

Remember that classic saying, ‘less is more.’ It’s a good perspective to have when it comes to your wardrobe. The fashion industry and consumerism promotes the idea that we need heaps and heaps of clothes for happiness, for social acceptance. But this is not true.  

 In Danni’s words:
“Quality over Quantity! This is something I always repeat, even to myself!  I used to have literally 6 pairs of blue jeans and like 5 black jumpers, honesty I don’t know why… None of them fit me well but I found it really hard to let go of clothes. I watched a movie called the minimalist. I’ve mentioned before that it's quite full on but the message totally shifted my mindset. I realised how much stuff I had held onto, how full my draws and wardrobe were of things I would never wear or that didn’t even fit me! It takes a few goes to fully cull all the unloved items out but its such an incredible feeling once you have narrowed your wardrobe down to things you truly love and that fit you well! This helped me really consider all of my future purchases.”


3. Get Creative

After refining your wardrobe, spend some time getting to know it. There are so many different outfits in there, just waiting to be put together. In your free time, put on your favorite playlist or a new podcast and get creative with your combinations.  


Three things you could keep in mind for future purchases:

  1. One in, One out.

 After culling your wardrobe, it might be useful to follow the rule “one in one out”. When you do make your next purchase don’t allow your space to slowly fill back up! Swap items out.

Danni’s reminder, “when removing items from your life please wash them before donating, secondhand stores fill up with so much crap. You really want to consider how you are donating your clothes. Do not send in unsellable items and make it their problem. Another thing I like to do is try sell the items or let your friends and family hunt through them first. You want your unwanted items to end up in a new home to be worn and loved.”

There’s also the #30wearschallenge as another mental guideline. Before purchasing an item, think to yourself will I wear this 30 times?  


  1. Go ethical.

Op shopping has always been something I really enjoyed. It can be a great social activity with friends or a way to get some me-time. Although I don't something everything time, it's all part of the adventure, the sport if I may. My favorite items in my wardrobe are all little treasures I’ve pulled from op shops.   

 Alternatively, there are plenty of ethical options when buying brand new. Before you head into any store do some research. “Good on You” is the perfect online platform to help understand the brands ethical and sustainable practices. Always remember that your $$ matter!

  1. Can you rent it?

 If you’ve got a special occasion, maybe a birthday, wedding or ball, there’s no need to get something new that you won’t wear again. There’s plenty of rental places you can make use of: Designer Wardrobe, Curve Closet and My Keeper.

Thank you for reading our third blog post, we hope you took something away from it or maybe it was a good refresher. See you in two weeks. 
Love Lauren
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