Why we use & love linen

Why we use & love linen

If you’ve been following the brand for a while - or even a short time - you might’ve noticed Danni has a lot of love for Linen. It’s the fabric she likes best, and it’s the only fabric available for instant purchase.  

Interestingly, linen is one of the oldest fabrics we have on the earth. It’s been around since 8,000 BC and it’s had a whole range of uses in that time. Ancient Egyptians used linen as a form of currency and mummifying bodies. Famous artists Caravaggio, Raffaello and Donatello used Linen canvases for painting their masterpieces. 
- Chiara Riccio for Lifegate. 

In the present day, Linen is being used by us - and worn by you - in Wellington. We’ve got three main reasons why it’s our fabric of choice:  

  1. Sustainability.

Of course, this is our number one reason for using Linen! Our friends at The Fabric Store in Wellington describe linen as one of the most environmentally responsible fibres that is readily available.  

But why? And how? 

Well, Linen’s made from the flax plant - which can grow almost anywhere! Unlike cotton, it can grow in poor soil and every part of the plant is used for something - reducing wastage. Other than linen, the flax produces linseed oil - known for preserving wood.   

The flax also demands far less of the earth’s natural resources, it doesn’t need heaps of water to grow. According to Good On You,across its lifecycle, a linen shirt uses 6.4 litres of water compared to 2,700 litres for a cotton shirt.”

What’s more, it doesn’t need a whole bunch of pesticides, it’s been around long before we used those. 

  1. Durability. 
We’ve probably all made mistakes with flimsy, fast fashion purchases. Where we’ve bought an item from a big clothing company and it only lasted one wear. 
But that’s never a fear with Linen. It’s a boss in terms of its durability. Linen garments last for years and years without it showing signs of wear. It’s also lightweight and breathable, making it one of the comfiest fabrics ever. 
This all adds to its overall sustainability as a material. With Linen in your wardrobe, there’s no need to keep buying and consuming. 
  1. The Colour

There’s a reason it was used by oil painters centuries and centuries ago. Linen was loved by artists for its beautiful absorption of colour and that’s why we love it too! Just like the colours in old oil paintings, the richness of your Linen garments won’t fade. 

Right now, we’ve got five vibrant colours: Duck Egg Blue, Dusty Orchid, Mustard Yellow, Olive Green or Paprika Orange. All supplied by The Fabric Store in Wellington. 

Thank you for reading our first journal entry! We thought we’d use this first one to provide some more info about our number one fabric. We have heaps of ideas and topics for future entries and so keep watching this space. 

Love Lauren xx

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